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The faculty of philology today is an academic and research center full of the atmosphere of creativity, partnership and cooperation built by a highly-qualified staff and talented students.

Students are active participants of university scientific conferences, as well as republican and international ones. They take part in the faculty Olympiads in the Russian language, literature, the English language and the German language.

The Romanic-Germanic Philology students have a chance to improve their language skills during the language practical training in Germany and France.

The Faculty made up the program of creative development and support of talented students-philologists.

The faculty is headed by Ph.D. in Pedagogic sciences, Professor Sergey Nikolaenko.


Chair of Belarusian Language;
Chair of German Philology;
Chair of World Languages;
Chair of General and Russian Linguistics;
Chair of Literature

The faculty trains students in the following fields:

  • Russian Philology (full-time study ­– 4 years; courses – literary and editorial activity, Russian as a foreign language)

Qualification: Linguist. The Russian language and literature teacher. Teacher of Russian as a foreign language. Copy editor.

  • Belarusian Philology (full-time study – 4 years; courses – literary and editorial activity)

Qualification: Linguist.  The Belarusian language and literature teacher. Copy editor.

  • The Russian Language and Literature. A Foreign Language (English) (full-time study – 4 years)

Qualification: Teacher.

  • The Romano-Germanic Philology (full-time study – 5 years)

Qualification: Linguist. Teacher of foreign languages (the English, German, French language) and literature. Translator and interpreter.

Training of Masters in the following fields:

  • Comparative-historical, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics.
  • Comparative Literature (Literary Criticism).
  • Theory and Methodology of Training and Education (in the field of foreign language).

Training of post-graduates in the following fields:

  • The Belorussian Literature
  • The Russian Literature
  • The Belorussian Language
  • The Russian Language

Our alumni (THE GRADUATES) can work as:

  • Teachers in the educational institutions and with foreigners;
  • research assistants; 
  • literary scientific assistants;
  • editors;
  • editors in Libraries and in scientific and methodological centers;
  • copy, technical, artistic, stylistic editors;
  • proof-readers;
  • translators, interpreters;
  • experts on linguistic and phonoscopic examination, graphology etc.;
  • referents; 
  • personal assistants;
  • negotiation managers etc.;
  • correspondents, TV and Radio hosts etc.


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