The education retraining program for managers and professionals at graduate level is carried out in 10 most popular specialties in Vitebsk region:

Part-time training:

"Logopaedics" - qualification – a teacher, speech therapist

"Psychology" - qualification – a psychologist, teacher of psychology

"Bank Accounting" - qualification – an accountant-economist

"Accounting in Industry" - qualification – an accountant-economist

"Economics and Industry Management" - qualification – an economist-manager

"Law" - qualification – a lawyer

"Tourism Management" - qualification -a manager

"Preschool Education" - qualification – a teacher

Evening training:

"Software information systems" - qualification - a software engineer

"Modern Foreign Language" (English) - qualification – an interpreter of English

After graduation the state diploma of retraining is issued.

Five new retraining specialties at graduate level are entered into the license:

"Integrated teaching and upbringing in school education" - qualification – a speech therapist

"Coaching (with a kind of sport mentioned)" - qualification – a coach-teacher

"Graphic Design" - qualification – a designer

"Sports and recreation activities in educational institutions" - qualification – a teacher of physical educa-tion

"Educational activities of specialists" - qualification – a teacher-specialist

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